Samsung is opening a VR studio in New York City

It wants to make content for your Gear VR.

The library of things you can play and watch on a Gear VR headset is growing, but Samsung doesn't think it's growing quickly enough -- it wants to help make some of that content, too. The company has revealed to Sundance Film Festival guests that it's opening a New York City studio that will create virtual reality experiences. Samsung isn't saying much about the content in question, but the studio will be located inside an existing Samsung office rather than a wholly separate space. Don't expect a sprawling movie set, then.

The tech giant also did more at Sundance than showcase VR material. It struck up a one-year partnership with the Sundance Institute to foster movie makers and other creatives. Ideally, VR will play an even bigger role at the 2017 festival -- it'll be more of a central attraction and less of a sideshow to conventional movies.