Google Play Games no longer needs a Google+ account

Google+ just became decidedly less relevant.

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Google Play Games no longer needs a Google+ account

Google's plan to scrub Google+ requirements just went one step further. Sometime this year, Google Play Games will no longer require a Google+ account to function -- you can just use a basic Google account to start playing. You won't get nagging permissions requests, and the new approach will sign you in for every game you have rather than one at a time. That should make life much easier, especially if you didn't want personal details linked to your game sessions.

The transition shouldn't create any problems for you unless a game goes out of its way to use specific Google+ features (which, let's face it, isn't likely). One thing's for sure: at this rate, Google+ is quickly being reduced to just a social network, rather than the seemingly inescapable catch-all internet service it was originally meant to be.

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