Google helps you hear directly from presidential candidates

Google search lets you understand the issues when debates drown them out.

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Google helps you hear directly from presidential candidates

Trying to understand presidential candidates' positions through debates can be an exercise in frustration. You might get a sense of where they stand on the issues... or might watch helplessly as their voices are drowned out by boisterous rivals. Google thinks it has a better way to keep tabs on politicians. It's testing a feature that lets candidates share their views, photos and videos in real-time while you're searching for a debate. If a would-be leader has smart ideas, you'll know even when they don't get a chance to speak up on TV. The feature will first be available during Fox News' debate on January 28th (at 7PM Eastern), but it's easy to see this becoming a mainstay for future events.

There's more. The next debate will also show relevant Google Trends data in real time, such as the candidates that are dominating searches on a minute-by-minute basis (spoiler: probably Trump). You'll get to answer polls from search, and three YouTube creators will get to ask questions of the candidates. Whether or not you like the positions you hear, this could keep you genuinely informed as you head into voting season.

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