'Star Wars' is getting an official electronic music album

Flying Lotus, Kaskade and Rick Rubin are just some of those in the mix.

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'Star Wars' is getting an official electronic music album

There are plenty of Star Wars-inspired songs and remixes (such as Meco's disco adaptations), but the legendary space fantasy series is finally getting something official... and you might want to give it a listen. The upcoming Star Wars Headspace will include electronic tunes that are either influenced by or reworks of the movies, most of them from artists you'll know if you're big on digital beats. The whole thing is produced by Rick Rubin, and there are tracks from Bonobo, Claude VonStroke, Flying Lotus, Kaskade and Röyksopp, among others.

The album will be available through online services on February 19th (in physical stores March 18th), and you can already listen to a few tracks now thanks to clips from Apple's Beats 1. From the sound of it, this isn't a simple cash-in -- it has solid tracks that just happen to include droid beeps and Darth Vader's breathing. Bauuer (Mr. "Harlem Shake") has a real banger, while Flying Lotus' signature glitch-hop sound remains intact. We can think of some glaring omissions (seriously, Disney, you didn't get RJD2 or Jedi Knights to contribute?), but this might be an album you'll continue to enjoy once the novelty wears off.

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