Shooter classic 'Descent' gets a second crowdfunded revival

'Overload' comes from the creators of the original zero-G game.

Apparently, there are a lot of gamers (and game developers) who are still fond of Descent's mind-breaking, 6-degrees-of-freedom shooting action. Just months after the success of Descent: Underground, the aptly-named Revival Productions is crowdfunding its own take on the formula, Overload. It doesn't have the same name as the zero-G combat classic, but there's arguably a stronger pedigree -- co-founders Mike Kulas and Matt Toschlog were instrumental to making the earliest Descent games, and other higher-ups built Descent 3. They remember the mechanics and level design that made the original a cult hit, and they're hoping to preserve that vibe while introducing modern technology.

It won't take much to get involved. Revival is promising a digital copy of the game for PC, PS4 or Xbox One if you make a $25 pledge; paying more gets you art, strategy guides, in-game credits and hard copies. There are plans for Mac and Linux versions if the team meets stretch goals, too. You won't get to play until March 2017 if Overload reaches its target, and it's not clear if that will happen. How many gamers need to relive their glory days twice? If you missed out on Underground or want to reward some game industry pioneers, though, you now have your chance.