CBS exec: no recent talks with Apple about a TV service

With or without Apple, Les Moonves says streaming is a big part of CBS' business.

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AP Photo/Eric Risberg
AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Since Apple itself doesn't have much to say about its long-rumored TV service, we're forced to look for signals elsewhere. In comments revealed just before CBS announced its earnings today, exec Les Moonves once again filled in the gap. Following previous comments that he believes the service is on hold, Moonves told CNN Money that "we haven't had recent conversations with them." That could mean any potential debut is even further off than we thought, although it doesn't seem to be hurting CBS any. CBS reported (PDF) its highest ever revenue for the fourth quarter, while claiming revenue from retransmission agreements is over $1 billion now, and will be at $2 billion by 2020. According to the exec, "something like 40 percent" of revenue his company is getting, didn't exist five years ago.

Its recent broadcast of the Super Bowl was the third highest rated program ever, and notched 3.96 million viewers online. The report didn't reveal any numbers for its streaming Showtime, CBSN or CBS All Access services, but said it's attracting younger viewers, and that the company may release more original content like its already-announced new Star Trek series. The earning call is currently in progress, if any other details are mentioned then we'll update this post.

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