'Streets of Rage 2' soundtrack was remastered for vinyl release

Complete with badass blood splatter.

Vinyl is all the rage (sorry) these days, and game soundtracks are hitting the medium on the regular. One of the upcoming releases is Streets of Rage 2, a title that's widely regarded as having one of the best and most influential 16-bit soundtracks. The audio compositions of Yuzo Koshiro are up for pre-order in three options: 2 x 180g transparent vinyl with smoke and blood splatter, 2 x 180g transparent vinyl with smoke and the traditional 2 x 180g black vinyl. Those first two are priced at £24.99 while the third will set you back £22.99 (that's around $35 and $32, respectively)

All three feature tracks remastered from the original NEC PC-88 files straight from Koshiro himself alongside two lithographs and artwork straight from the Sega archive. If you've already opened your wallet, you'll have to wait until Saturday (February 27th) to pre-order ahead of the scheduled early April ship date. For now though, you can hear some of the remastered tracks down below.