Waze helps you plan future trips based on expected traffic

It turns your appointments into "planned drives."

Traffic can ruin your careful planning for that appointment in the 'burbs, but Waze can help with a feature called "planned drives." After you enter the destination, date and time, it will open a special screen that shows how busy your route will be at a given hour. "This takes into account expected traffic conditions based on smart algorithms, aggregated traffic history and predictive analysis," according to the Google-owned company.

Once it calculates the start time, you can set an alarm for the departure. As the hour approaches, Waze will automatically adjust it to account for real-time driving conditions (you can change the departure location any time). If you're okay giving the system access to your calendar and Facebook feeds, it can create planned drives for any pre-programmed events, too. As before, you can have it send alerts to other parties when you leave and add any stops for gas, coffee, etc. The update is now available on iOS and will arrive "soon" on Android.