'DOTA 2' VR spectator mode may be as exciting as playing the game

If you have the right VR headset, you'll learn a lot more about big MOBA matches.

The next time you want to follow an eSports tourney, you might find yourself strapping on a virtual reality headset. Valve just teased a VR spectator mode for DOTA 2 (scroll down to the video above "you're not starting from scratch") that gives you more information than you're used to seeing during a MOBA match. The actual game is front and center, but look around and you'll see details of each team's heroes, a visually rich map and nice-to-know stats.

You'll most likely need an HTC Vive to make this work (there's no mention of supporting other SteamVR devices yet), and Valve hasn't said when the feature will arrive. Suffice it to say, though, that this could be the best way to watch DOTA competitions short of flying out to see an event in person -- it might even be more entertaining than playing the game yourself, at least until the novelty wears off.