Cablevision customers can access Hulu like any other channel

The cable company is the first to offer Hulu streaming via its set-top boxes.
Billy Steele
B. Steele|04.07.16

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Almost a year ago, Cablevision announced plans to become the first cable provider to offer Hulu through its regular service. Today, the on-demand streaming option is finally being added to Optimum TV on the company's current-gen set-top boxes. What's more, customers can access Hulu's library of content just like any other channel. From there, users can browse the full collection of content in further detail. To get Hulu to its customer's set-top boxes, Cablevision is leveraging ActiveVideo's CloudTV StreamCast technology. If you'll recall, Netflix already made the leap to some cable boxes with its lineup of streaming content.

"We are thrilled that Optimum customers can now access Hulu's content library without having to leave their cable TV environment," said Hulu SVP Tim Connolly.

Offering a portal to the streaming service without having to leave the regular channel lineup certainly seems convenient, especially for folks using a game console or mobile device to access movies and shows. There's no mention of alternate pricing, so it looks like the regular $8/month rate for limited commercials and commercial-free $12/month plans still apply. Customers who already have a Hulu account can navigate to the dedicated channel to log in or sync their account via the Optimum website. Folks who don't have one can take advantage of a free trial by registering through Optimum to get access to the monthly subscription. Unlike its "Cord Cutter" plans, Hulu doesn't come bundled with a digital antenna and internet service like the cable company did with HBO Now.

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