Amazon Echo can answer questions about your kid's health

Plus, it can recite a haiku for you on April 17th.

Amazon Echo's voice assistant has gained a handful of new skills, including the ability to answer questions about your kid's health. It now has access to KidsMD, a new app powered by info prepared by doctors from Boston Children's Hospital. You can ask it about various symptoms like fever, coughing or headache if your kid's experiencing any, as well as age- and weight-specific dosing guidelines for various medications. Just say "Alexa, ask KidsMD about [symptom]/dosing." The feature sounds especially useful if you're frantically dealing with a sick child and don't have time to pick up a phone to do a Google search.

Alexa can also call professional home service pros for you via HomeAdvisor. You can either ask it to launch the app or tell it to ask HomeAdvisor for someone specific, like a plumber or a carpenter. The voice assistant could make missing Coachella this year hurt less, as well. Simply ask it to play the Coachella Playlist in Prime Music. Finally, you can ask it to recite a haiku for you on April 17th if you want some bite-sized poems to mull over on the International Haiku Poetry Day.