Embrace your inner DJ with McDonald's McTrax placemat

This plain-looking paper mat takes your meal from mediocre to musical.

Would you like a side of sick beats with those french fries? McDonald's Netherlands has you covered with the McTrax Placemat, a sheet of paper that allows you to connect with your smartphone to channel your inner Diplo.

The placemat, built in conjunction with digital production agency This Page Amsterdam and ad company TBWA/Neboko, was introduced as a cool way to help foster creativity in restaurant patrons. While the mat itself is simply made of paper, it's printed with conductive ink that allows you to connect your smartphone to transform your entire tray into a DJ station.

Using your hands and the "buttons" on the mat, you can connect via your phone and record your own voice snippets, use prerecorded loops to create beats, and serve up your own musical productions all while munching on a Big Mac. The app supports both iOS and Android devices, so if you have a smartphone and an innermost desire to make sweet, sweet music, you can get involved. McDonald's America, where are you on this?