Facebook's Trending Topics may source more conservative news

Facebook is looking into expanding its list of approved media outlets.

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Facebook's Trending Topics may source more conservative news
According to a group who recently met with Facebook, the social media giant may very well be changing the way it chooses and identifies Trending Topics. This news arrives in light of a recent controversy regarding how and what the site identifies as trending news.

According to Rob Bluey, editor in chief of the Daily Signal, Facebook spoke on "revamping Trending Topics" during a recent meeting. A list of websites that could be included among Facebook's algorithm was presented via The Daily Signal. They included Townhall, Newsmax and the Federalist.

Previously Facebook had disclosed a list of over 1,000 media outlets it uses in order to vet the stories that go up via the social networking site's "Trending Topics" menu, prompting some important discussion on what kind of publications and website should be included.

It does seem as though important discourse is in the works to ensure fairness for all. But regardless of The Daily Signal's stance on Facebook's actions, Bluey is positive about the meeting and Facebook as a whole.

"I told Mark and some of the other executives that the Daily Signal wouldn't be possible without Facebook. We launched two years ago, and Facebook is one of the platforms we use to reach our audience."

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