Second 'The Division' update raises the stakes

The free 'Conflict' update brings high-value targets and greater risks in the Dark Zone.

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Second 'The Division' update raises the stakes

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are willing to try quite a few things to keep you coming back to The Division, but their latest approach is particularly direct: they're upping the ante. Ubi has revealed that its second free update, Conflict, will include "high-value targets" where you only get one shot at success. If you die or take too long, you'll miss out on a nice reward. Also, the Dark Zone is that much more dangerous now that other players can hijack your loot during extraction. Don't assume that you can relax just because you've dropped off your gear, then.

There's more than those two additions, of course. You'll get a new Incursion mission (Clear Sky) targeting an anti-air missile site, and there's the obligatory round of fresh equipment. There's enough to keep you around for at least a little while when the update arrives on May 24th. The big question is what happens when the attention shifts to paid add-ons, which start arriving in June. Will gamers pay to keep The Division fresh, especially when rival MMO-style shooters like Destiny are vying for their attention?

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