AT&T's prepaid GoPhone plans get 1GB of extra data

Data-equipped plans now start at 3GB.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

AT&T definitely isn't being stingy with data on GoPhone these days. In the wake of healthy improvements over the past year, the carrier is raising its data caps by 1GB across the board as of May 27th. If you're on the $45 plan, you'll get 3GB of full-speed data to play with instead of 2GB; roll with the $60 plan and you'll get 6GB instead of the current 5GB. You'll still get $5 off your bill if you agree to automatic refills, to boot. While this isn't the absolute lowest price you can pay for gigs' worth of data (just ask T-Mobile users on the coveted $30/5GB plan), it's a solid bargain if you need unlimited calls and texts at the same time.