Tinder is helping Brits understand the EU referendum

Get a date, drop some knowledge.

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Nothing gets a Tinder match swooning like a well-informed political debate. Quite fitting, then, that the dating app has added a new, temporary feature for UK users to help them to brush up on EU referendum issues when they've exhausted their daily Super Like allowance. In collaboration with non-profit Bite the Ballot, Tinder has created a true-or-false quiz covering key topics such as benefits and human rights -- with the idea being you swipe your way to a better understanding of the key issues ahead of the referendum vote on June 23rd.

Once you've completed the quiz and have been labelled a commoner or crowned a King based on your score, you can get more info on the topics covered and even register to vote via the app. The new politically powered feature follows a similar experiment that debuted in the US a few months back, where users were matched with presidential candidates based on their stances towards various points of debate. So... are you in or are you out?

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