Nintendo tour lets you try 3DS games this summer

The 12-city Play Nintendo Tour is built to keep kids (and their gamer parents) happy.

Stephen Brashear/Invision for Nintendo of America/AP Images

If you or your kids are jonesing for something to do this summer but would rather play Super Mario Bros. than go on vacation, Nintendo has your back. It's launching a free Play Nintendo Tour that, as the name implies, gives you a chance to play a range of 3DS games in a kid-friendly environment. On top of getting to try some of Nintendo's better-known titles (ranging from the shiny new Kirby: Planet Robobot to an older title like Mario Kart 7), the 12-stop US tour has contests, photo ops and prizes.

Each stop lasts for just a few days. Things kick off in earnest between June 17th and 19th, when the tour begins in Los Angeles, and wind down just before school (September 2nd through 5th) in Alpharetta, Georgia. You'll have to be in the right place at the right time, then, but it could be worth the trip if you're raising a family of gamers.