Apple's iOS 10 will transcribe voicemails and show calls made in apps

You'll now see when someone's ringing you from third-party apps in the lockscreen and favorites.

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Apple's iOS 10 will transcribe voicemails and show calls made in apps

Not many of us send voice messages anymore, and most folks sure hate checking them. Apple is trying to adapt to that with voicemail transcription, a beta feature on iOS 10 revealed at its WWDC keynote today. Instead of listening to Aunt Edna drone on for 10 minutes, you can get the gist by scanning a transcript of her message in text form. Alternatively, you can still listen to the message visual voicemail-style, call her back or delete the message.

Another related feature is an API for VoIP apps, which will help developers such as Cisco incorporate its apps into favorites, recents and the lockscreen. So if someone calls on a VoIP app when your iPhone is locked, for instance, you'll see his picture on the lockscreen. Other than mentioning a collaboration with Cisco, Apple hasn't said which, if any, apps will support it yet, but developers will soon be able to get their hands on the API.

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