Flyability's Elios UAV is now even safer thanks to DJI

This is the kind of drone you want on your side when you've got more precarious locations to navigate.

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Flyability's Elios UAV is now even safer thanks to DJI
DJI has partnered with Swiss aerial tech company Flyability to make the Elios UAV aircraft even safer using a special image transmission system known as the Lightbridge 2. The result is a rescue drone that's able to navigate tight spaces and smaller enclosures more efficiently so humans don't have to.

The Elios is an interesting-looking structure already, with a unique enclosure that protects the drone itself and allows it to head through more intricate structures such as power plant boilers with ease. It's designed specifically for those areas in mind, with Lightbridge 2 allowing for minute navigation and imaging to tie it all together.

Elios operators are sent a live view to the mobile device of their choice via the Lightbridge system while flying the drone, which can help create and improve digital images of the areas to be explored. This means human workers don't have to be exposed to potentially dangerous conditions, and that's a win for everyone.

The drone was actually released last month to little or no fanfare, but it's definitely something we should be cheering about, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of those working in questionable conditions.

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