Twitch makes it easy to find streams in your language

You can choose to see only streams in your language of choice.

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Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget
Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget

It's simple enough to search for streams on Twitch, but if you want to explore all the broadcasts available in a particular language, you'll find the website's new feature quite useful. The company has just launched Multi-Language Filters, which you can access on the Live Channels list of every game directory page. Now, when you visit, say, the Hearthstone or League of Legends portal, you'll find a pull-down menu on the right-hand side. It lists various languages broadcasters use, including American Sign Language (ASL) -- choosing Español, for instance, will show only Spanish streams without having to change the whole website's settings. Polyglots can also pick more than one option.

Twitch's Noreen McInnis says you'll notice personal design changes different from your friends' as you start using the filter. She didn't elaborate on what those changes will be, but they will apparently be based on how you use the feature. We're guessing you might find your frequent language of choice at the top of the menu (or maybe even pre-selected) the more you use it. You can see a short demo of the the filter below, though you can try it out for yourself on Twitch right now.

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