Try a near-final version of Android Nougat right now

There's a cat-centric Easter egg tucked away inside, as well.

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Chris Velazco, Engadget
Chris Velazco, Engadget
Android Nougat is almost here. A post on the Android Developers blog has the operating system's final developer preview build listed for download, which means that a bulk of the bugs and kinks we saw during our demo period should be mostly worked out. However, because it's still technically a preview, there aren't any guarantees of stability. The build includes system images for devices eligible for the beta program -- even those outside the Nexus purview.

There still isn't a firm release date for the consumer version, just a "later this summer" window. But! If you download this release candidate and have any questions, the Android team will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (more commonly known as AMA) on Reddit tomorrow afternoon from 3 to 5 Eastern.

Feline fans might be excited about this Android build for an altogether different reason. Following tradition, Google has stuffed an Easter egg into this version of its mobile OS. And it's the team's take on the cat-collecting game Neko Atsume. The folks over at Phandroid have the step-by-step instructions for how to access it. It probably won't help your Pokémon Go withdrawals, but at least there's something to play on Nougat.
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