HP's Elite X3 Windows Phone launches next month for $699

The phone that wants to replace your laptop hits stores on August 29th.

Been waiting for a phone that could pull triple duty as your handheld, laptop and desk machine? Then your day has almost come: HP says that its Elite X3 will hit shelves late next month. The $699 handset is HP's first smartphone in over two years, and it's kind of a gamble -- it's a high-end Windows Phone launching at a time when Microsoft's mobile OS sales are at an all time low.

At least the Elite X3 makes the most of the Windows Phone platform. The flagship makes heavy use of Microsoft's Continuum -- a feature that shifts the small-scale interface into a Windows desktop environment when connected to a monitor and the HP Elite X3 Desk Dock or its notebook Lap Dock. The latter accessory doesn't have a price or release date yet, but folks that want to turn there phone into a workstation will be able to pick up a Elite X3 phone, headset and Desk Dock bundle for $799 on August 29th.