Ben Heck's Hackbotz, part 1

It's all about the assembly.

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Ben Heck's Hackbotz, part 1

The Ben Heck Show - Episode 248 - Ben Heck's Hackbot Wars Part 1: Assembly

With the return of BattleBots and Robot Wars, The Ben Heck Show team produce a real-life Nintendo Mario Kart battle arena with robot kits. In this first of a three-part series, the robots are assembled -- and weaponized -- without instructions. Join Ben as he shows us how to combine motor controller driver hardware with a custom LiPo battery pack. Meanwhile, Felix introduces us to XBee to wirelessly remote control the robots, and considers using Bluetooth with an Intel Edison chip. However, Felix is keeping his weaponizing details under wraps; it'll have to be something good since Karen has something crazy in mind! Tell us your ideas for your battling robots over at the element14 Community.

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