EPA hands out $4.5 million to build better air pollution sensors

The move could help you study air quality in your own neighborhood.

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Gennaro Leonardi via Getty Images
Gennaro Leonardi via Getty Images

The Environmental Protection Agency doesn't just want to clamp down on pollution... it wants to develop the technology that helps spot that pollution. It's handing out a total of $4.5 million in grants to six research teams (including Carnegie Mellon, MIT and the University of Washington) to help develop lower-cost, easier-to-use air pollution sensors. EPA officials hope that this will help neighborhoods track their own air quality and improve health on a local level. You'd have a better idea of whether or not industry really is contributing to the smog in your neighborhood, for instance. Although it'll likely take a long while before you see results come out these grants, they could easily pay off if they lead to cleaner air in your neck of the woods.

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