Virgin Media TiVo update adds smarter Series Link+ feature

As well as other conveniences such as the ability to bookmark shows and movies to watch later.

While we wait for more details on Virgin Media's new V6 set-top box and the 4K service arriving with it, the company's showing it hasn't yet forgotten about those aging HD TiVos currently sitting beneath TVs across the UK. Several new features are being bestowed upon these boxes as part of a platform update, the most notable of which being Series Link+. This not only tells your TiVo to record every subsequent episode of a series, as you'd expect, but also searches on-demand platforms (including Netflix) for any episode of the same show, collating it all in the one folder in the My Shows tab -- should you need to start from the very beginning, say.

Another handy new feature lets you bookmark shows or movies -- whether you find them on live TV, on-demand or through Netflix -- to revisit later, either via a new dedicated folder or the familiar My Shows tab. Other, minor tweaks include a more visually driven UI that swaps on-demand programme lists for images and channel names for logos, as well as a better smart search feature within the on-demand and catch-up menus that'll start working after being fed a single letter. Finally, you'll be able to pick up where you left off if you have to bail on an on-demand session early -- a convenience that was previously only available when watching recordings.

When Virgin Media customers will get access to these new features is a bit of a gamble. The update has begun rolling out today, but it'll be a couple of weeks before it reaches every last set-top box.