Bumble is adding paid features to help find your perfect match

Like Tinder's paid features, these additional options are meant to make dating a little easier.

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Brittany Vincent
August 15, 2016 4:30 PM
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Bumble is adding paid features to help find your perfect match

Bumble, the dating app that's previously dabbled in offering services beyond traditional swipe-based matching, is now offering a subscription model that offers three new features for just $9.99 a month.

Beeline, Rematch and Busybee are meant to boost your personal dating experience. Beeline will offer a queue of users who've already "liked" you while using the app. All you'll need to do is match with them if you like what you see, which removes the requirement to swipe and takes away some of what could be viewed as ambivalence or frustration. It's a lot easier to look at a premade list of suitors just for you and decide from there.

Rematch will keep expired matches for an additional 24 hours so you can return to them if you don't grab their interest the first time. Busy Bee extends the 24-hour match window so you can have a little longer to match with someone else. Male users previously had this feature in the form of "extend," and now both male and female users will be offered unlimited "extends" in the form of Busy Bee.

These additional options are available to augment Bumble users' experience, and the company stresses that anyone who doesn't opt to pay the $9.99 won't be missing out on any features. In comparison, Tinder's paid version is $9.99 a month as well for most users, so Bumble's suite of options isn't so far from the mark.

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If you're interested in trying them out, you can do so today.

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Bumble is adding paid features to help find your perfect match