Frank Ocean's new visual album is live on Apple Music

Our long nightmare is almost over.

Endless, Frank Ocean's followup to his acclaimed 2012 debut Channel Orange​, is available now exclusively on Apple Music as a 45-minute visual album. Rolling Stone says Endless is a separate project from Ocean's next traditional album, but we should expect that to debut this weekend. Ocean gave fans a taste of the album via a stream on his website earlier tonight. We heard on September 1st that his sophomore effort (then known as Boys Don't Cry) was meant for Apple Music, but rumors of a release that week turned up nothing.

The title Endless is likely a cheeky reference to the interminable wait for the new album. Ocean announced that he was working on new music in early 2013, and in April 2014 he hinted that his next album was almost finished. We didn't hear much after that, but cryptic posts from the artist kept fans eager. Indeed, the anticipation built to the point where Ocean's inability to deliver has become an internet meme. In July, he posted yet another mysterious message in the form of an overdue library card, which implied the album would be coming that month. To the surprise of no one, he missed that deadline too.

We still don't know when the Endless will be available on platforms outside of Apple's. By going the visual album route, Ocean is following a bit in Beyoncé's footsteps with Lemonade, who premiered her film on HBO and restricted its streaming to Tidal. Losing out on such a big release for Apple Music could be one reason the iPhone maker is rumored to be eyeing a Tidal acquisition.