'Here They Lie' trailer is a frightening glimpse at PlayStation VR

It's a PS VR launch title worth looking forward to.

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'Here They Lie' trailer is a frightening glimpse at PlayStation VR

Here They Lie wowed us back at E3 with its virtual reality spin on existential horror. Now its latest trailer offers up plenty more reasons to get excited (or preemptively terrified) ahead of its October 13th release (right alongside PlayStation VR's debut). Developed by the team at Tangentleman, it puts you in the shoes of a man experiencing a smorgasbord of horrific imagery while pursuing a mysterious woman. And being a VR joint, you'll get to suffer right alongside him.

We don't know much else about Here They Lie's story yet, but the trailer makes its influences clear. There's plenty of Kubrickian imagery from The Shining, as well as nods to Jacob's Ladder (which the developers say directly inspired the game). On the whole, there's a pervading sense of dread, which is exactly how I like my horror served up. And yes, you can also play it on on the PS4 normally without the VR headset.

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