Thousands pay tribute to famous Twitch gamer in live funeral

About 9,000 fans of 'Phizzurp' came to honor him in one last stream.

Philip Klemenov, a well-known pro gamer and livestreamer who went by "Phizzurp," had his life tragically cut short when he died in a car accident on October 2nd. However, his passing is also showing how the streaming community can unite in moments of loss. About 9,000 people watched Klemenov's funeral live on his Twitch channel on October 9th, offering tributes and condolences that they couldn't deliver in person.

The video is somber, as you might expect, and it's clear that Twitch isn't designed for sad moments like this. The site's "enjoying the show?" and "last broadcast" inadvertently take on a more painful meaning when watching a funeral. However, the occasion was a testament not only to the popularity of streamers like Klemenov, but to the effect that livestreaming has had on the internet as a whole. It's as much about forming a common bond with fellow enthusiasts as it is watching someone play a game or host a live show, and grief can be part of that experience.