You can't explore PSVR's dinosaur planet until November

'Robinson: The Journey' doesn't come out until the 8th of next month.


Until scientists successfully resurrect dinosaurs, interacting with them in VR is going to be the closest we get to going up close and personal with the terrible thunder lizards. But if you were hoping to do so in developer Crytek's Robinson: The Journey with your PlayStation VR today I have some disappointing news for you: It doesn't come out until November 8th in the U.S., and the 9th in Europe. That isn't too far away, but up until now Crytek hasn't exactly given a specific release date for its dino-centric adventure.

As the name implies, in Robinson you're an astronaut who's crash-landed on an uncharted world, but unlike other planets, this one is inhabited by all manner of dinosaurs. Brachiosaur, t-rex, raptors (with feathers!) and pterodactyls are all on display here, and only some of them will try to make you extinct. Each time I've played it at tradeshows I've come away extremely impressed, so I'm just as disappointed as you might be that I'll have to wait a little longer.

Actually, maybe it's a good thing that the game isn't out today. It's not like there's a shortage of PSVR games to play, and the few weeks' gap means that it won't be competing for attention with the likes of Batman Arkham VR or Here They Lie. Instead, one of my personal favorite games from this E3 is going up against another PSVR game, Eagle Flight from Ubisoft.