Elon Musk answers your SpaceX questions on Reddit at 6PM Eastern

Can we call it 'Ask Musk Anything?'

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Reuters/Mario Anzuoni
Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

SpaceX has raised more questions than it has answered as of late. Just how will it finance its plan to colonize Mars? Can it improve the reliability of its rockets? And exactly when will it reuse a rocket? You might just get some answers. Company founder Elon Musk is holding a Reddit Ask Me Anything session for SpaceX today (October 23rd) at 6PM Eastern. There's no guarantee that he'll produce any stunning revelations, but we wouldn't rule out a few surprises... or at least, answers to questions that don't usually come up at media events. Just be sure to get in your inquiries quickly, since the AMA is bound to get plenty of inquiries.

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