SpaceX picks its first rocket to fly a second time

Hint: it's not the first one that made a successful landing.

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Jon Fingas
July 17, 2016 3:28 PM
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SpaceX, Flickr
SpaceX, Flickr

Sure, SpaceX promised to reuse a rocket sometime in September or October... but which rocket? At last, we know. As part of a NASA presentation, SpaceX has revealed that it will be using the second Falcon 9 to make a successful landing (in this case, on a drone ship). Why not the first, you ask? If you'll recall, Elon Musk sees it as a museum piece. He doesn't want to lose the most historically important machine.

It's important to remember that SpaceX is a latecomer to reusing rockets. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin managed that feat at the start of 2016, and has done it four times so far. However, this still fills in a missing piece of the puzzle for SpaceX. So long as there are no significant hitches, SpaceX will have some serious bragging rights: it'll have reused rockets and set them down on both land and sea.

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