Play Store apps can offer introductory discounts on subscriptions

Soon you'll be able to save some cash while trying out a pay-per-month app.

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Play Store apps can offer introductory discounts on subscriptions

Subscription services have been on mobile devices for a while. Netflix, Hulu, Marvel Unlimited and others have made shelling out a few dollars a month part of our on-the-go digital lifestyle. But if developers who rely on that business model wanted to use the Android subscription feature they were stuck charging full price from day one. That's about to change.

At its Playtime developer event today, Google announced that Android developers will soon be able to set introductory prices for subscriptions. For example, the Sling TV app could offer $10 per month for three months as an introductory offer, with the cost later rising to the usual price of $20 a month.

This would give users the ability to try out a service at a discounted rate before committing to the full out-of-pocket experience. While developers could get people to try their service without having to build a payment infrastructure from scratch.

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