Plex's machine learning tech auto-tags photos for you

It's now easier to search for other images in a sea of selfies.

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Mariella Moon
November 24, 2016 5:56 PM
Plex's machine learning tech auto-tags photos for you
Plex has made it easier for premium users to organize their photos and to unearth specific snapshots from their massive collections. The service now auto-tags photos based on what its new machine learning technology sees. If the tech detects a dog in a photo, for instance, it could tag that image with the words "dog" and "puppy." Since tags are useless if you can't sort your images with their help, Plex has also updated its web app's interface to be able to search tags. Further, the interface will now display related images based on the tags you look up.

While only Plex Pass subscribers will be able to take advantage of its new tagging features, the service has updated its service for everyone. The Photo library now combines both videos and images to make searching for files much easier. Finally, has Plex tweaked its app to make importing photos thrice as fast as before.

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Plex's machine learning tech auto-tags photos for you