SwiftKey for Android's clipboard is a godsend for lazy typers

The latest update also adds the ability to make shortcuts and incognito mode.

So, you don't like typing out your address or any other information you usually send other people again and again -- SwiftKey gets it. In fact, its latest update for Android devices adds a couple of new features you'll enjoy. First is the keyboard's brand new Clipboard, which you can use to save phrases you often use and anything else you want. You can simply copy and paste items you saved onto a messaging or email app whenever you need to.

In case it's an address or any other pertinent info you'd like to keep in your Clipboard indefinitely, you can take advantage of another new feature: Shortcuts. You can assign a shortcut to any info you clip and type it in lieu of that information when texting or emailing someone. For instance, if you mark your address as "home" or "office," you only need to type either shortcut to bring up the complete address on the prediction bar, which you can then insert into whatever you're composing.

Besides these two related features, the updated SwiftKey for Android also comes with Incognito mode. It keeps the app from learning words and phrases you don't want anyone else to know you've been typing on your phone -- you only need to swipe right on the hamburger menu and enable it through the SwiftKey Hub. Since the keyboard is now powered by a neural network and serves better predictions that before, incognito sounds like a great addition to keep its vocabulary safe for work and kids.