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Swedish TiVos have smartwatch controls

But the app will only work for certain models of the DVR.

Smartwatch displays might not be big enough to do a whole lot more than pop alerts, but Sweden's Com Hem wants to help wearables replace your living room's Houdini-esque remote controls. The idea here is that your Android watch or Apple... Watch can be used to change the channel, view the program guide or record a show. Dave Zatz notes that these functions appear specific to Com Hem's TiVo devices, at least for now. Oh, and Android Wear devices can use voice commands to choose a channel.

Other remotes have offered voice control before (late-model Panasonic TVs and Amazon's Fire TV streaming box immediately come to mind), but again, they're remotes -- not something constantly strapped to your wrist. Sadly, the app's still in beta, but Com Hem says that if there's interest among its customers it'll launch a full version.

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