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HTC and Under Armour's HealthBox hits the UK in June

Brits have a six-month wait for the fitness pack.

Arguably the biggest unveiling at CES this year, at least for fitness fanatics, was the UA HealthBox by HTC and Under Armour. There's just one problem for Brits: all three gadgets won't be available until June, well after their US launch date of January 22nd. So if you're ready to buy an activity tracker, scale and heart rate monitor right now -- the basics for a "get fitter" New Year's resolution -- you might want to look at other options.

If you need a reminder, here's a quick rundown of all three components, which will also be available to purchase separately; there's the UA Band, which replaces the never-made-it-to-market HTC Grip. There's no built-in GPS this time, but for $180 you get sleep, workout and daily activity stats on your wrist. Standard fare, really. Next up is the UA Heart Rate, a slim $80 chest strap and removable sensor that gives you an idea of the calories you're burning through a companion app. Finally there's the $180 UA Scale, a circular disc that can recognise different family members and, more importantly, measure both weight and body fat percentages.

We don't have UK pricing just yet, but in the US the complete UA HealthBox will cost $400. That means you're getting a slight discount by buying all three products together. Of course, if the six-month wait is too much for you, there are plenty of other smart scales and fitness trackers to consider -- just be prepared for slightly more siloed experiences.

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