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Chrome extension makes quick clips from Twitch broadcasts

The 30 second videos are at source quality and are easily shareable, too.

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In the words of Harlan Ellison, "Pay the writer." Or, in this case, attribute and pay the streamer. is launching a a Chrome app that enables Twitch casters to recieve full attribution for clips that fans make from watching their broadcast sessions. It's a solution to a problem many streamers face: They're spending five or more hours streaming per day and afterward, should they do something pretty crazy in-game, if they want to make a shareable clip of it that means more time spent editing and sitting in front of his or her computer. It's a vicious, time-consuming cycle when some Twitch partners are already spending seven days per week on camera and in front of their gaming rigs.

With the Chrome extension, all someone in chat has to do it type in "!plays" into the chat of a given Twitch broadcast and then they can make the 30-second source-quality clip themselves. From there you can send it to your social network of choice and it'll appear alongside other creator-made-content on a streamer's profile. Plays' parent company, Raptr, says that compensation for streamers for these isn't far off, either. Really, this builds on empowering the community in a way that Twitch has from the outset, all while making sure the streamer gets the recognition for the work they're doing. That's pretty easy for me to get behind.

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