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Image credit: Steve Jennings/Getty Images for IVY is set to return as a Snapchat channel

The livestreaming pioneer is back.
Billy Steele
02.03.16 in Internet

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Steve Jennings/Getty Images for IVY

The man who played a key role in pioneering livestreaming as we know it is offering viewers a window into his life once more. Justin Kan announced that his "lifecasting" exploits will make a comeback as a Snapchat channel. Kan says he likes posting his "adventures" as Snapchat Stories already, so expect lots of travel and startup content. "Restarting might be a terrible idea. I'm actually undecided," Kan admitted. "But, it worked out well the first time."

That "first time" he's referencing is the company Twitch. While it traces roots back to, it primarily focuses on game streaming and other live event broadcasts. Back in 2014, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million and Kan's personal livestreaming effort shut down shortly after. Now he's looking for someone to help him tell stories on Snapchat, as today's announcement coincided with a job post looking for help documenting adventures for the channel. Of course, Snapchat offers a much easier way to capture video than Kan's old setup of a head-mounted webcam connected to a laptop in his backpack.

"After learning about Snapchat Stories, I've become obsessed with Snapchat," Kan explained. "As a social tool, it fulfills a need outside of messaging and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. As a platform, I think Snapchat is on the tipping point of going mainstream."

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