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Pictures of Huawei's dual-camera P9 surface

The 5.2-inch handset's backside also sports a fingerprint reader.

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It seems like just last week we were at Mobile World Congress in Spain checking out all the new phones. Oh wait, that was last week. Then why in the hell didn't Huawei show off the P9 handset there instead of having a leaker steal its thunder? The world may never know, but VentureBeat has photographic evidence of the new handset and some of its key specs, regardless.

This flagship phone will apparently hit before June, sports a 5.2-inch chassis with twin 12-megapixel cameras (similar to Huawei's previous Honor 6 Plus) and a Nexus 6P-ish fingerprint reader on the rear. It sounds like there might be more than one version of the device: a standard and then one with slightly higher internal specs -- a custom Kirin 955 system-on-a-chip with 4GB of RAM versus a Kirin 950 with 3GB of RAM, for instance. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is on tap as well.

Now about all that's left are pricing and availability, which noted leaker Evan Blass says should clear up by the second quarter of this year. Want an even closer look? Check out the source link below.

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