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Infuse helps you find fresh videos on Apple TV and iOS

Smart filters and Spotlight search take the headache out of deciding what to watch.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
05.23.16 in AV

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Media portal and set-top box makers have tried any number of things to help you decide what to watch next, ranging from visual makeovers to voice recognition. However, the team at FireCore thinks it has a better way: filters. The new Infuse 4.2 for Apple TV and iOS has a redesigned library view that not only helps you find videos the old-fashioned way, but incorporates smart filters that automatically sift through your collection. You can quickly figure out which TV shows are kid-appropriate, for example, or look for just the movies that came out last year. Moreover, you can create home screen favorites that revolve around these filters -- you could always see what's new the moment you sit down for the evening.

There's more. On iOS, Infuse titles now show up in Spotlight searches and will start playing right away when you tap the results. Your ratings on Trakt sync across devices, too, so you won't forget that a show was amazing just because you're about to watch it somewhere else. All told, this isn't the minor update the version number suggests. Give it a look if you're frequently wracked with indecision on movie night.

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