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Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima reunite for 'Death Stranding'

An emotional new journey from the creator of 'Metal Gear Solid' emerges.

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Hideo Kojima made a stunning entrance during Sony's E3 2016 press conference, showing off an enigmatic yet intriguing opening to a game titled Death Stranding. After the chilling Silent Hills, featuring Norman Reedus in the lead role, fell through, it's interesting to see what will become of this new partnership.

The latest from Kojima Productions, Death Stranding could potentially be a different project from the one Kojima has been touting, although that wasn't explicitly stated.

The footage shown during the conference revealed a crying Norman Reedus, overcome with grief, holding a newborn to his chest; it appeared the child had died. Soon after he discovered his hands stained with a black, ink-like substance.

Death, it appears, is this man's curse. Of course, knowing Kojima, the video was meant to be extremely enigmatic. Here's to hoping all becomes clear soon.

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