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PlayStation's Adam Boyes now runs the 'Killer Instinct' studio

He's officially Iron Galaxy's CEO as of August 8th.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
07.26.16 in AV

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Key PlayStation exec Adam Boyes already said he was leaving Sony to return to game development, but it's now clear that he's making this switch in style. Iron Galaxy Studios has confirmed that Boyes will become its CEO as of August 8th. That's right -- one of the PlayStation world's best-known figures is now working for a developer whose best-known work involves the Microsoft-exclusive Killer Instinct reboot. It also created Wreckateer, an early showcase for Kinect, and played a big role in producing the hilariously simple fighting game Divekick.

As to why Boyes is coming aboard? Iron Galaxy founder Dave Lang says it's all about helping the company spread its wings. Boyes can "expand and evolve" the studio's publishing work, freeing Lang and new Chief Product Officer Chelsea Blasko (an Iron Galaxy veteran) to focus on in-house game creation. You might just see the company become a bigger player in the game business.

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