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PSA: Download Windows 10 by 6AM ET or pay full price

If your download isn't done by tomorrow morning, you'll have to pay to upgrade Windows.

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REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

This is it, everybody: Last call for a free Windows 10 upgrade. Starting tomorrow, Microsoft will stop pestering you to claim your free Windows upgrade and start charging you for it. If you think you might cave sometime today, start your download sooner rather than later -- if you PC isn't running Windows 10 by midnight, UTC-10 (6AM ET tomorrow morning) the upgrade will cost you $119.

Yes, we're aware you probably know this already -- goodness knows Microsoft hasn't let you forget -- but the specifics of the deadline were a little unclear. When we asked Microsoft to clarify, we were told that 23:59 UTC-10 marked when the upgrade downloads would be cut off, meaning that your download must be complete, not initiated, by that time in order to receive the free upgrade. If you try to upgrade tomorrow morning at say, 5:30AM, you may be too late.

If you still haven't upgraded at this point, you probably have your reasons -- but don't say we didn't warn you.

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