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Apple and Nike have made a special edition Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Nike+ is designed to be a runner's wearable companion.

Looks like Tim Cook's appointment as lead independent director on Nike's board earlier this year preempted a deeper relationship forming between the two companies. Alongside the Apple Watch Series 2 with built-in GPS, a special Nike+ edition of the wearable was announced on stage today. Aimed squarely at runners, the Nike version features custom software including special watch faces and the Run Club app. This is for quick-starting workouts, receiving personal coaching plans and keeping you motivated with various reasons you might want to get that lactic acid flowing, such as pitting you against friends or reminding you it's nice outside.

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The special edition pairs an aluminum case, chosen for its light weight, with exclusive, perforated bands for breathability, made from the same fluoroelastomer material as the original Watch sport band. Available in four colors combinations -- black or silver body with two band options each -- the 38mm model will retail for $369, while the 42mm version is slightly more expensive at $399. It'll be available to order from Apple and Nike from September 9th in most regions, including the US and much of Europe and Asia (a handful of countries will have to wait until September 23rd), with shipping starting towards the end of October.

For better and sometimes for worse, Apple and Nike have a long history of partnering on fitness wearables and software. With the glory days of the FuelBand long gone, though, and TomTom's Nike+ smartwatch looking more than a little dated, it feels about the right time for Nike and Apple to solidify their relationship with new, special edition hardware.

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