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Here's how to make a robotic dress that can pour cocktails

Because lace and silk dresses are too boring.
Anouk Wipprecht

This one's for the ladies (and gents) tired of the same ol' party dresses you can buy. Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht has shared detailed instructions on how to recreate her robotic, cocktail-pouring, leather-and-electronic masterpiece. She calls it the Drinkbot, and it looks like something Lady Gaga, the Hunger Games tribute from District 3 or the alien bartender on a space cruise would wear.

The designer listed out all the materials you'll need and even where to get them, along with instructions on how to put it all together. If you have the technical skills to make it work, just follow the instructions, and you're golden. Take note that you'll need to do some coding on top of tinkering with hardware components. You'll even have to 3D print the front piece that houses the shotglass if you have a printer -- otherwise, you can get Shapeways to do it for you.

Wipprecht is known for creating out-of-this-world high-tech clothing. Back in 2014, she teamed up with Intel to create a 3D-printed spider-inspired gown that can defend its wearer when it senses motion. Compared to that one, this already looks much tamer and more approachable.

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