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'Overwatch' finally makes playing with randoms easier

You can check out 'Stay as Team' on the PC version's Public Test Realm right now.

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Overwatch is great, but, unless you're carousing with people on your friends list, it's been almost impossible to keep playing with the same people in matchmade multiplayer. Thankfully the developers at Blizzard have recognized the error in their ways and come up with a common sense feature that should make staying with last game's players a lot easier. It's called "Stay as Team" and it's exactly what it sounds like. Simply press a button at the end of a match to perform the eponymous task. It's available to sample on the PC version's Public Test Realm as you read this. In the video below, game director Jeff Kaplan says that the team will keep making additions like these to help folks find new friends and keep you playing longer.

More than that, hero Symmetra is getting a choice in ultimate abilities -- a first for the game's roster. Once fully charged, you'll be able to pick between her teleport move or trigger a shield generator that will protect the entire team. Sounds pretty much perfect for when your crew needs a little protection as it pushes the payload, no?

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