LeEco brings Android-powered smart bikes to the US

It's also showing a performance-tuned version of its electric concept car.

LeEco is determined to add a dash of technology to just about everything, and that now includes old-school pedal power. The fast-rising tech company has unveiled two bicycles for the US, the Smart Road Bike (above) and Smart Mountain Bike (below), whose centerpiece is a 4-inch touchscreen box that runs a customized take on Android. The front end gives you turn-by-turn directions from Here, music playback (including streaming), ride data and even chats with nearby LeEco bike riders. They have their own GPS and sensors, and you can track your own fitness by pairing ANT+ heart rate and power monitors.

Which bike you pick simply comes down to a matter of your preferred terrain. Both have Toray T700 carbon fiber frames and handlebars, as well as 11-speed drivetrains. The Smart Road Bike is the lighter of the two at 18.5 pounds, and it's clearly meant for the street, with extra lashings of carbon fiber in the fork, seat post and wheels. The Smart Mountain Bike is decidedly heavier at 26.9 pounds, but it boasts a SR Suntour XCR Air front fork and other components designed to survive rougher trips.

LeEco hasn't revealed the price for either bike at this stage, but you should see both of them arrive sometime during the second quarter of 2017. It's hard to say how well they'll fare when many cyclists either have dedicated bike computers or just use their smartphones, but look at it this way: If you don't like burning your phone's battery during your two-wheeled adventures, this promises a more elegant solution.

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LeEco Smart Mountain Bike