The Das Keyboard 5Q brought notifications to my fingertips

Keyboard-based reminders and not a Touch Bar in sight.

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The Das Keyboard 5Q brought notifications to my fingertips

Well-regarded mechanical keyboard maker Das Keyboard is taking its peripherals in a new direction. This is an internet-connected keyboard series where each key can light up with notifications -- if you want them to, that is. Not only does it connect to the internet, but the Das Keyboard 5Q is the first keyboard I've heard of that has its own open API, which gives you an idea the level of customization that's possible for those very enthusiastic typists out there.

Instead of an OLED Touch Bar, notifications pop up in user-defined colors any one of the 5Q's QWERTY keys. The demonstration keyboard I got to hammer on at CES had a particularly topical use case: The 'T' key would light up blue whenever President-Elect Trump tweets anything. That's a simple example, though -- you could also increase the speed of key flashes to represent a timer. Uses are limited only by your task-managing imagination. The keys are still very satisfying "Gamma-Zulu" mechanical switches that will last roughly 100 million presses before wearing out. It's up for pre-order now, with the keyboard set to ship this spring.

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