I want Sony's new 4K OLED TV in my home

The XBR-A1E is a beast of a Bravia.

Sony didn't have too much to show at CES this year, but it did come packing one surprise: a new, absurdly thin and sharp 4K TV. The horrifically named XBR-A1E (try remembering that one a few minutes from now) features a 55-inch, 65-inch or 77-inch OLED panel capable of spitting out Ultra HD and high dynamic range (HDR) with ease. The most intriguing part, however, is "Acoustic Surface," which integrates the speaker into the screen itself. That's possible because of how ridiculously thin the set is. In fact, LG Display took a similar approach with its Crystal Sound prototype.

So how does it sound? In a packed press conference booth, honestly it was hard to tell. While it may not beat a dedicated speaker system, it should be loud and rich enough for a lot of us. (The audiophiles among us will buy a separate sound system anyhow.) Some of its punchy audio output can be attributed to the slim subwoofer hidden just behind the TV -- Acoustic Sound is good, but it needs a bit of help.

Needless to say, it's a stunning set. Like all new Sony TVs, it runs Android TV and supports Google Cast right out of the box. While welcome, this support is largely irrelevant to me because I'm a diehard PlayStation kid. I want nothing more than to take this TV home, hook up a PS4 Pro and slot in a game like Final Fantasy XV, soaking up the environment of a mythical world like Eos. Or maybe The Last Guardian? No, I would definitely start with Dishonored 2. OK, I'm just getting carried away now, aren't I?

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